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by Music for Dead Birds

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10 tracks from the vault (hard drive). A Christmas present from Music for Dead Birds to you.

Recorded in Westmeath, Mayo, Msida, and Brussels between 2008 and 2015.


released December 17, 2015

All songs written and performed by Music for Dead Birds.

All songs recorded by Music for Dead Birds except track 5 recorded live by West Coast Audio.



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Music for Dead Birds Ireland


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Track Name: Mongolia
You were in the auditorium,
Singing a choirs verse,
Your hair and your nails,
Fell out from the curse.

The shape of the stars,
Like the shape of your heart,
Contesting with art,
Contesting with art.

And I don't want to grow young,
In a wasteland no,
But all the things that I know,
They make me too slow.

When it came time for you to run,
Just watched the wolves attack,
Your lipstick like blood,
Discoloring mud.

The last time that you cried,
Was the last time that you died,
For the height of the tide,
Just would not subside.

And I don't want to grow young,
In a wasteland no,
But all the things that I know,
They make me too slow.

Oh girl would you mind,
If I took off your belt?
You hate the feeling,
That you've never felt.
I'm caving in,
You're caving me out.

The sugar would taste sweet,
If it didn't taste like meat,
Oh the sugar would taste neat,
If it didn't taste like...
Track Name: I Could See It (Demo Version)
If you want to love something
Then you should learn to love something
You sit upon your broken branch
With cinnamon and vitamins
And if your darkened fantasies
Don't come true then you'll recede in

I've learned to love something

Sit up on the broken branch
A heavy God likes to relax so
We could float all through the air
Spread diseases as we care

I've learned to hate something

Sit up on the broken branch
I could see it, you could see it
When it falls it turns to wax
'Cus as mortals we like relaxing

I've learned to love something
I've learned to hate some
Track Name: Tastes Like Wood
One baby at a time
I like the summer wine
It's bad but not a crime
To not mate in your prime

If it tastes like wood, I know it should

The barber on your street
He cuts his hair for free
You're staring at your feet
But you don't see any meat

Two rings to tie a knot
A child God forgot
An old man in a cot
Get sad when it's too hot

If it tastes like wood, I know it should
Track Name: Chunk (Live in Castlebar)
I am not here all alone,
Have somebody on the phone,
I feel like getting drunk.
Track Name: Before The Bee
Feed the lions to the lambs for me
We stopped trying long before the bee

We are strange
We can't change

Only metal shone bright in sun
But if they ask you tell them we had fun

We are strange
We can't change

Hear the fear
And I'll stay near
Empty void
Track Name: The Farmer's Corn (Acoustic Demo)
Well the girl was like an apple she was poisoned to the core
She asked me if I'd stay 'cus she said she wanted more
But I had my objectives of which she wasn't one
And by the hour on the clock I had missed the sun
So I ran out of her eyes and escaping from her room
I found myself in sunshine by the brightness of the moon
But everything was dark upon the field because of night
And my eyes they were both useless not seeing any sight
So I thought about anatomy how we came to be born
I struck my final match right upon the farmer's corn
And when I heard him coming I started running for my life
I knew I'd made an enemy in the farmer and his wife

So I sprinted to the village breaking both my shoes
And I knew you had to gamble if you ever want to lose
My soles they were both talking as we set upon the town
The fire in the distance by now was calming down
But I heard the farmer roar so I made it to the docks
I saw three men play games where they'd just pick up and throw rocks They told me they'd set sail as the hour did begin
And as our boat his water I told them of my sin
They said they understood the sizing of my strife
And they said I should keep running from that farmer and his wife

We anchored on an island that was buried in the sand
And though the men were blind they helped me understand
How to look at places unobjectively
And for the first time in my life I realised how lucky we could be
To even breath at all or feel this weight of gravity
And though the girl was bad I suppose that she helped me
We stayed there for a hundred years just eating jellyfish
They'd sting us in our eyes and shine electric on our dish
And everyday we'd play that game just picking up and throwing rocks
Not one of us could find the time to co-ordinate our clocks
But then a violent winter morn sent us shaking in our boots
The forest that was behind us started lifting from its roots
So we sent our anchor sailing from it's place between the sands
Went back to face our fates somewhere on drier lands
But those blind men they did trick me yeah they showed me to the girl She had aged so terribly it made the sour milk curl
So all up in my anger I made a blade upon my knife
And went back to settle scores with the farmer and his wife

Well I guess that on the island we had a different view of time
'Cus when I went back to face the scene of my crime
The farmer he could not lift a finger up to me
In fact just like the sailors well he couldn't even see
But he told me he'd forgiven me for setting fire to his corn
He said it was the catalyst that had ended all his scorn
He said that winter came much colder than it passed
And that his wife had fallen ill from the hunger I had massed
And that when she finally died he just fed her to the birds
She wouldn't bear his child and she's never say kind words
Then he thanked me kindly for changing his whole life
And funnily enough
I became the farmer's wife
Track Name: Everything Looks Right
It's 4am it's getting cold
The siren sounds and scares the old
I am warm and safe inside
All the love that I hide
Comes out when I fall asleep
And dream

Jesus loves me now
I am bathed in light
Beautiful night
Everything looks right

The kids are hangin' by the square
The cops got lost and no-ones there
To hear the screams and echoes of
All the trees that have fallen down
To make crosses on the ground
The things I've found

Jesus loves me now
I am bathed in light
Beautiful night
Everything looks right
Everything looks right
Track Name: Well I Guess I Could Be A Birdwatcher
I got a job it didn't pay too well,
I started getting high and you could tell.
I stopped caring started giving up,
My boss said sir you just don't give a fuck,
I said "No I don't."

And I wonder if there is a job where I,
Could just lie back and look up at the sky,
Well I guess I could be a birdwatcher.
Track Name: Don't Change
We have seen this all before
It's not worthwhile anymore
Fill me up until I crack
Tell me never to come back

But wait, don't change
'Cus I feel the same
It's a long way home
Don't walk alone
Feel the fire
Your eyes look tired
So close them tight
Escape the night

And at the end of everyday
We dream up quiet words to say
So tiny Gods can hear us pray
Desperate to get away

But wait, don't change
'Cus I feel the same
It's a long way home
Don't walk alone
Feel the fire
Your eyes look tired
Close them tight
Escape the night